About Us


Established in 1976

We are a family oriented club dedicated to the enjoyment and freedom that four wheel driving offers. Our trips range from several weeks in the Outback to a few hours of an evening around the town. Whether you are a dedicated 4WD adventurer that loves to take on the toughest challenges that exploring this great country offers or you are looking for a slightly more sedate way to explore and travel around but want some great company and the opportunity to benefit from the experience of seasoned travelers, then our club is for you. To see the type of trips we have take a look at the Recent Trips and Coming Trips pages. While we are definitely geared towards the Subaru owner we certainly don’t discriminate and welcome owners of all 4WD vehicles. All you need is a love of the great outdoors and the desire for a good time and you’re welcome. In fact even if you don’t own a four wheel drive you are still welcome to join in our many social events or to ‘hitch a ride’ as a passenger on a true 4WD only trip.