Dutchman’s Stern

“How’s the Serenity?”

I’ve heard many stories from the Shinks family about the Subaru 4 Wheel Drive Club trips to Dutchman’s Stern. I made my first trip with Bruce & Gloria Mitchell, Matt Corby and Paul Shinks (I’m his older, but better looking sister Helen). I was pleasantly surprised. The accommodation was very comfy, the food abundant (Gloria’s soups were delicious) and the company entertaining and genuine.

We travelled to the campsite on Friday 31.8.18, it was wet and windy so there wasn’t much opportunity to work outside. On Saturday the guys attended to maintenance on the Shearers Quarters decking and Gloria & Bruce weeded the garden of the Homestead, while I adjusted curtains for the shearer’s quarters.

We went spotlighting Saturday night and saw a few Kangaroos and Uros, that was great fun.

On Sunday we took a trip to Warrens Gorge. There was a gathering of the Vintage Commercial Vehicle Club of South Australia at the Gorge. There were old Dodge and Chevrolet vans, tray tops and utes from as far as Pt Lincoln to Mt Gambier. Sunday afternoon Paul took me 4 wheel driving on the fire tracks, my first time. That was bumpy, I don’t think I will need to see a chiropractor for a while!! We walked up to “Worlds End” via the goats tracks. I thought I was puffing and dizzy because of the altitude, but have since realised it was more to do with my level of fitness. It was worth it – what a magnificent view.

Sunday night the sky was clear and there must have been a million stars, a truly wonderful sight.

I loved the changing colour of the landscape and how the light changed during the day.

It was a real treat to wake up to bird song instead of an alarm and to be still in such a peaceful and beautiful place.

I can see why the Shinks’ love going to Dutchman’s Stern.

I could have stayed for weeks.

Thank you Gloria, Bruce, Matt and Paul for a wonderful weekend.

Thanks to Helen Shinks for this Trip Report.