In Memorium

So what can I say about Greg Galatis?

The club clown, the genius inventor, the loving husband,
caring father and super Grandfather.
My first memory of Greg was my early days in the
club, Greg was there, very interested in making sure I
was feeling welcome amongst all these strangers.
Then there were the jokes, oh my, so many and so
very Greg. Oh and far out questions, to make you
think. Greg always had a thousand and one facts
stored away, plus let us know of his Greek heritage,
so very proud to be from a lineage of thinkers and
Greg and his brother Barry came away with Theresa
and I on a trip to see Lake Eyre. At the time Greg had
a business with a bus. Using his tourism contacts he
organised cheap flights for us to fly over the lake. It
is still one of my favourite memories, thanks mate.
Then he organised accommodation for us at Willow
Springs on the return trip. Greg’s input made it better.
He borrowed Leanne’s Jackaroo for the trip, and
gave it one heck of a work out. We had to make the two brothers camp well away from the
rest of us, oh the snoring, it sounded like a saw mill.

As well as he could drive, Greg could not navigate. Once he got lost leaving camp from
Peake, taking Helen Manson on her first trip there, on a blind man’s tour. Eventually Greg
made contact on the radio and Paul Kinnear had to go find them. Never a dull moment when
Greg’s around.
Making weird inventions ran deep in Greg, he designed and built our technical raft for the
Clayton raft races. It was used and used, eventually it needed some maintenance. Greg organised
a weekend where Leo Verschoor and I went to Greg and Rosemary’s house to help fix it
up. I was blown away when I saw Greg’s workshop. WOW. What a collection of tools and
machines. We had a good chat and I learnt Greg was a blacksmith, and a self-taught machinist.
Greg had been working with the Annesley College on a solar car and showed me a hub he
had made for a spoked wheel, very complicated
piece of machining, he made in his shop.
We spent hours working, Rosemary kept us fed
and hydrated, with great food and plenty to drink.
Greg picked up my working on Submarines, and
told me to stop work on the raft. “you make ships
that sink” he said, and oh no, that stuck. From
here on in every time we met, he reminded me I
made ships that sank.
Greg loves his family. Rosemary his first love, he
kept us up to date with her exploits in the garden.
Then there is their kids, Leanne and Greg Jnr. He
is so proud of both of them, and always kept us
up to date with what they were up too at work
and in their worlds. Most of all Greg loves his
Grandkids. Every time we met Greg he would ever so proudly tell us how well the grand kids
are going at school, Circobats (circus based gymnastics). Greg absolutely burst with pride
when he talked about his family, he would even forget to say hello, such his rush to pass on
his pride in their family. They made his world. Greg, good on you mate, never dull, always
See you along the track some time.

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It is with a very heavy heart that we relay the passing of two of the club’s finest members.

Greg and Rosemary Galatis, who passed away 17/4/16 with two of their Granddaughters Willow and Caitlin.

Greg always had a welcoming smile on his face and could not wait to share the news of how well his beloved Grandchildren were going at school or singing or performing, each time he came to a meeting.

Known for his never ending list of jokes, Greg had multiple talents. A Blacksmith by background, Greg could put his hand to machining and welding, creating race winning rafts, double decker bikes and numerous trophies for the club. He also worked hard helping build Solar Cars for Annesley College. Greg was also agile, an accomplished acrobat who could tumble and fall with the best.

Rosemary rarely came to meetings, but would attend club social functions, always like Greg, proud to share news of their Granddaughters.

Our deepest condolences go to Leanne, Greg Junior and their families.

Gone but never forgotten.

With love and fond memories,
The Committee and Members of the Subaru 4WD Club of South Australia Inc.