Simpson Desert Crossing


40th Anniversary of the clubs first crossing of the Simpson Desert

At Simpson Desert

Darren Hosking & Paul Kinnear

Notes: This an advance notice for those who may be interested. The Subaru’s are more than capable of this trip however heavy-duty springs are required as a minimum. The running of this event will depend in the timing of the music concert on Big Red near Birdsville, which closes the sandhill, making the trip pointless. Straddling three states, the Simpson Desert is the largest parallel sand dune desert in the world. More than 1,100 dunes, shaped into long red waves by westerly winds, roll from Birdsville in outback Queensland west towards Alice Springs across the top of South Australia. It was the last of the Australian deserts to be explored by Europeans – the first to cross its expanse was Ted Colson, on camel, in 1936; Reg Sprigg and family in the first vehicle in 1962. Now, it's top of the list for four-wheel drivers, and while thousands of people cross the Simpson each year, and satellite phones mean that help can be summoned if needed, it is still not a trip to be taken lightly.

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