Observation Run


Proposed Myponga Aldinga Observation Run

At Aldinga Beach Holiday Park

Bruce McLean / bwmclean61@gmail.com

Bruce McLean has re-joined the Club and is seeking expressions of interest for an observation run to be held near Myponga and around In-man Valley. Take it away Bruce ……………… “My intention is to book sites at the Aldinga Beach Holiday Park. I was thinking if members would like to make a weekend of it I could ar-range an overnight stay Friday night, Start the observation run Saturday afternoon as it would only take approximately 3 - 4 hours to do, then stay over on the Saturday night. It's all a work in progress. Firstly I'd like to create a trip expression of interest, no point doing it if no one comes. Secondly, would people like to do two nights at the caravan park or just do the Saturday night, or even just a day trip. If I'm to book the caravan park I'd like to know a few numbers. I'm planning on holding the event on Saturday 24th of October. I would like to get some feed back.” Thanks Bruce for a great trip idea and Welcome Back. We look forward to catching up. PLEASE THINK ABOUT THIS GREAT IDEA AND LET BRUCE KNOW A.S.A.P. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED ,VIA EMAIL Bruce McLean….. bwmclean61@gmail.com

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