Mambray Creek Working Bee

Mambray Creek, SA

Mambray Creek/Mt Remarkable Working Bee

At Native Pines

Mambray Creek, SA

Trip Leader: Paul Shinks

If you go up on Friday we stay at a group camp called Native Pines near the Park entrance. This site has plenty of room for swags, has fire pits and toilets nearby with cold showers. There are no fees. On Saturday, we drive into the park proper to work until we go and set up camp and start happy hour until late. There will be lots of walking and work, so you must bring sturdy walking boots and bring your favourite strong work gloves if you have those. You will need a quick prep lunch. We will be with the cars all day. You must be self sufficient Saturday night, there are no facilities out there. You can purchase firewood outside the park on the road in for about $15.Make sure you have enough for Saturday night. It gets very cold up on the hill and it snowed in 2001.

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