Limestone Coast Trip

Tailem Bend, SA

Limestone Coast Trip

From 10.00 am

At Tailem Bend Shell Servo

Tailem Bend, SA

Camping fees likely to be $8 per person per night

Trip Leaders: Paul Ewins and Grace Gent

Degree of difficulty: medium - This is going to vary - Day 3 will likely be the most challenging.

Please note there will be a limit to 10 cars.

All cars MUST have the following:

   Snatch Strap and reated shackles


   Sand Flag

   UHF radio either in car or hand held

   Tyre Gauge

Day 1 Travel to camp

Day 2 will see us explore the lower parts of Canunda National Park (Millicent to Beachport)

Day 3 will see us explore Beachport National Park and Little Dip National Park, starting at Beachport and finishing at Robe. This will be the biggest driving day of the 3 days - most likely to run from 9.00am to 5.30pm

Day 4 will see us explore the top part of Canunda National Park starting at Millicent and finishing at Mt Gambier. We can also take the opportunity to explore Mount Gambier for anyone that is interested.

Day 5 Travel home.


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