General Meeting


West Terrace Adelaide

General meeting Please bring a plate of supper to share

From 7.30

At Adelaide High school

West Terrace Adelaide

The Galatis family with artist Gerry McMahon are creating an enduring memorial to Greg and Rosemary Galatis and their Granddaughters Willow and Caitlin Hamilton. It's in the shape of a willow tree, with space underneath to sit quietly in its enveloping branches that are adorned with copper leaves stamped with the memories of the way Greg, Rosemary, Willow and Caitlin touched the hearts of those around them and the multitude of ways they contributed to their community. This Friday 1st of September at the club meeting, members can write their memories on a memorial leaf to be added to the tree. The leaves will be stamped before being added to the tree. Leanne Hamilton Kinnear, Rosemary and Greg’s daughter described the plan for the tree in a newspaper article; “The idea that mum is the roots of the tree, the nurturer that cared for everyone, dad was the trunk that supported everything and the girls were the branches. “It was a nice representation of the tree of life and the family tree. “It is going to be a gift to the City of Mitcham that everyone can enjoy … it is for everyone that has lost someone to go there and reflect.” Please spread the message to club members who knew Greg and Rosemary to come this Friday to the meeting and contribute to the tree. We will also be sharing stories and showing a movie of a trip that Greg was on with his brother Barry.

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